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Zchodae Strom

zchodaestrom-crop.jpg Zchodae joins the Downtown Women’s Center with over 15 years of executive management experience driving the strategic planning and operations in both non-profit and for profit organizations. She is responsible for the day-to-day operational leadership at the Downtown Women’s Center. Prior to joining DWC she was Assistant Vice President of Business Implementation at Beacon Health Options where she led post-merger activities to standardize tools and processes for best practices. Previously, she worked for six years as the Director of Healthcare Center Operations with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and during her tenure there, she led a major growth initiative that increased the number clinics from 14 in 2 states to 33 in 11 states. Zchodae has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Finance and a Master’s of Science degree in Organizational Management from Peru State University and, as the Chief of Operations, she brings her passion for mission driven organizations to the Downtown Women’s Center.