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A Safe Space to Create: Wendy Scholl


Volunteer Wendy Scholl (left) knitting with DWC resident Tan in a DWC Skills Enhancement Training workshop.

Five years ago, Wendy Scholl considered herself a volunteer “under the radar.”

As an attorney for Bank of America, she had been to DWC to participate in group volunteer projects organized by her work, but had never volunteered on her own. It was during a Christmas donation sorting project that Wendy learned about our Skills Enhancement Training ("SET" to Create) knitting workshop.


A believer in the therapeutic and relaxing benefits of crafts such as knitting and crochet, Wendy jumped at the chance to begin leading the knitting workshop. She had found her niche!

“When you can find a way to let your brain unwind in a safe space it helps you build the skills to deal with other stressful events,” Wendy explained. “It takes you out of the ‘worry space’ and into a focused space..."

"I like the idea of taking a simple ball of yarn and making something out of it."

When asked about her experience volunteering, Wendy said, “I’m touched each day and I feel like I learn a little more about myself from the women I am working with.” She also noted how leading the workshop has taught her patience and challenges her to step up her game when communicating and teaching.

“Give it a try!” Wendy said to future DWC volunteers. “You might be surprised by what volunteering brings out in you and by what you can assist with. It will push you to be a better person and get more involved.”

What a wonderful reminder of how - even if we start small - with commitment, creativity, and a helping hand, we can make something truly beautiful.

Thank you, Wendy!WendyScholl9.jpg

With the support of amazing SET to Create volunteers like Wendy, we are able to create job training and creative opportunities for the women we serve. To learn more about becoming a SET to Create volunteer, click here.

Stephanie Harris
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

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