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The Jill Halverson Legacy Circle


DWC Founder Jill Halverson (right) with former DWC resident Miranda (October 2014).

The Jill Halverson Legacy Circle was created in 2009 to officially recognize DWC supporters who have affirmed their commitment to our community by including DWC in their future plans. Members of our planned giving circle extend the work of our founder, Jill Halverson.  Jill’s original gift to the Downtown Women’s Center – taking money from her own down payment fund to rent the storefront that became our Day Center – represents the power of one person to house many. Jill created a lasting legacy, inspiring many others to empower their community with their own personal gifts.

Learn more about Planned Giving here, or contact DWC Chief Development Officer, Brooke Lykins, at All inquiries are confidential and without obligation.

The following individuals have made a significant impact on our organization – either in life or after their passing – by investing in our future. We deeply appreciate their support.

Marian Burke
Cheryl Castillo^
Bettina Chandler +
Barbara Chasse
Jordan Countryman
Betty P. Dietrich
Jane Ficker
Beatriz Foster +
Marie Fouts
Jill Halverson +^
Shelli A. Herman +
Barbara Hirsch
Sandra A. Kimberling +
Elyse Klein +
Audrey Kuo ^
Gail Lannoy+
Robert Leary
Janet Leatherman
M. Richard Marx and Beatrice L. Marx
McAvoy Family Trust
Joan Palevsky
Linda Peterson +
Lillian Poss
Lynn Hall and L. Michael Russell +
Florence Smestad
Elinor Smith
Bernadine Sorgenfrey
Catherine Staples
Bonnie Sun +
Barbara Sutro
Shirley Jean Taborsky
Gloria & Peter Teschner +
Geraldine Theiss
Lisa Watson ^
Loraine White+
Carolyn Williams+
Donella Wilson+

+ Former or current DWC Board member
^ Former or current DWC staff