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Find out how to access the various services that DWC has to offer. 

Descubra como obtener los servicios que ofrece DWC.


Opportunities for Volunteers Under 18

Thank you for your desire to serve the Downtown Women’s Center (DWC) and to help us end homelessness for women in Los Angeles! We offer onsite opportunities for volunteers over the age of 18, and assist in facilitating off-site events for volunteers under the age of 18.

Please take a look at the volunteer opportunities below and sign-up by filling out our Volunteer Application.

When coordinating a drop-off, please let us know if your group is interested in a tour, we would be happy to show you around!


Snack Packs

Purchase and prepare to-go meals for participants before they leave the Day Center in the late afternoon. In a 2013 survey, 59 percent of women on Skid Row reported that they had slept in a park, car, streets, or emergency/transitional shelter. By providing an evening meal that can be taken to-go, women do not need to choose between dinner and a bed. We will give you guidance on what to include. Prepare snack packs offsite in your kitchen, and then coordinate a drop-off time with us.

Donation Drive

Coordinate a drive with your group. The needs of the women are diverse and ever-changing, but we are always in need of clothing for our Day Center participants, dry and canned staples for our kitchen, and household items for our newly housed participants. View our wish list to get started. Publicity materials are available upon request. This is an offsite project but requires a scheduled drop-off.

Hygiene Kits

In 2014, 20,000 showers were taken in our Day Center - that’s over 50 showers a day! As women visit the Center to take showers, these hygiene kits provide them with fresh supplies. Purchase and assemble hygiene kits with your group of volunteers. We provide guidelines on which items to include, and how to a successfully package a kit. This is a great opportunity for large volunteer groups!