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DWC Celebrates National Women's Health Week


This week (May 10-16) marks the 16th annual National Women's Health Week.

At the Downtown Women's Center, one of our goals is to empower women to make their health a top priority. Through our housing model that recognizes homelessness as a public health crisis, our wellness workshops, and health clinic services, we continue to provide a holistic health program for our community.


Our Women's Health Clinic provides basic medical care, mammograms and HIV screenings, and physical and mental health assessments. In 2014, we saw over 1000 visits to our clinic, resulting in 1100 mental health sessions and over 830 women participating in various wellness activities.


We are also proud to announce that our clinic was the recent recipient of the Los Angeles Business Journal's 2015 Healthcare Leadership Award.

Find out more about our Women's Health Clinic.


peace-over-violence-logo.jpg We recently partnered with Peace Over Violence to create the first Los Angeles Trauma Recovery Center, offering survivors of violent crime emotional support, information, compassion, accompaniment, referral, and advocacy services.

With a combined 75 years of experience, DWC and Peace Over Violence provide assistance applying to Victim Compensation, referrals for food, shelter, and housing services, medication support services, and access to therapy, community trainings, and more.

Find out more about our Trauma Recovery Center.


Studies show that half of the homeless women living in Skid Row are over the age of 51. Knowing that homelessness takes a severe toll on a person's health, we spearheaded the Health Home Connect project to help identify vulnerable women and enroll them in Medi-Cal.

Recent successes include seeing 40 women enrolled showing a 41% decrease in unnecessary emergency healthcare, saving local hospitals $120,000 in avoided inpatient Medi-Cal costs.

Find out more about Health Home Connect. - National Women's Health Week!

Celebrate National Women's Health Week with us by taking the pledge and learning what steps you should take based on your age group to live a healthier life! 


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