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Thank You to Women’s Rights Champion; Announcing The Gail Lannoy Workforce Development Fund

Gail LannoyAfter nearly two decades of service on the Downtown Women’s Center’s (DWC) Board of Directors, Gail Lannoy will be retiring from her Board seat. 

Since 2001, Gail has been instrumental in helping further the DWC mission of ending homelessness for women in Skid Row, and her long-time passion and commitment to empowering homeless and low-income women is clear in the incredible work she has done for DWC.

Using her experience in financing the construction and preservation of affordable and workforce housing, Gail served as a crucial member of the Cornerstone Committee from 2006-2012, which managed the complete renovations of DWC’s San Pedro and Los Angeles Street residences. As a direct result of her work, today DWC is able to house 119 women in our permanent supportive housing units.

As a direct result of Gail Lannoy's work, today DWC is able to house 119 women in our permanent supportive housing units.

During her tenure on DWC’s Board, Gail served as Vice President from 2006-2012, and was a member of the Finance and Governance Committees. Additionally, Gail has been vital to DWC’s relationship with Bank of America helping facilitate the Bank’s generous donations/grants that amount to nearly $300,000 in support of our programs and services. In 2007, thanks to Gail, Bank of America invited DWC to participate in their Neighborhood Builders Program, which included a $200,000 grant and professional development opportunities for DWC staff. This grant was instrumental in helping DWC build a stronger and more impactful presence in the Skid Row community through creating partnerships and strategies to end homelessness for women.

Gail Lannoy over the years

Above: Gail Lannoy throughout the years, serving on the DWC Board of Directors (left) and attending our annual Dinner With a Cause (right, pictured with Jan Perry, General Manager of the Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department).

In 2014 and 2015, Gail again advocated on behalf of our work to provide immediate support to our participants; DWC received a total of $55,000 from Bank of America for our Basic Needs and Resources program. This funding supported DWC’s Day Center, which serves as the main hub for accessing the range of services we offer including: three nutritious home-cooked meals, access to clean bathrooms and showers, access to laundry service and fresh changes of clothes, access to mail and telephone services, and one-on-one case management. Thanks to Gail’s dedication to DWC’s mission and to the support of Bank of America, DWC is able to serve approximately 200 women per day and over 3,000 women per year in our Day Center.

In honor of this extraordinary champion of opportunities for women, DWC, in partnership with Bank of America, is proud to launch The Gail Lannoy Workforce Development Fund.

Announcing The Gail Lannoy Workforce Development Fund

Please click the button below to donate, and join us in giving a standing ovation to this incredible advocate and friend to the Center.

On behalf of Gail Lannoy, Bank of America, and all of us at the Downtown Women’s Center, thank you for standing with us to end homelessness for women.


* Gail will be notified of contributions made in her honor.

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