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Dinner With a Cause

Homelessness ends here.

Thank you for joining us October 6, 2016 for Dinner With a Cause, the annual fundraiser in support of the Downtown Women’s Center. 

On Thursday, October 6, 2016, we gathered for our 19th Annual Dinner With a Cause to honor Marylouise Oates and City National Bank. Because of your incredible support, we raised over $1.2M - a new Dinner With a Cause record! Click below to view highlights from the event and save the date for next year's gala on October 13, 2017.

Thank you for joining us at this year's Dinner With a Cause!


Save the Date

Marylouise Oates - Honoree

Marylouise Oates, Honoree

Marylouise Oates is an author and political activist with a lifelong commitment to social justice.


City National Bank - Honoree

City National Bank, Honoree

For over 60 years, City National Bank has invested in the economic and cultural vitality of our local community.



Sponsors enjoy significant exposure, reaching leaders in entertainment, finance, law, real estate, business, and politics – all while making significant contributions to supporting the mission of the Downtown Women’s Center.


Contact us by email or phone at or 213-680-0600 for any questions about sponsorship.

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