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A Movement for Change: 1-in-4 Los Angeles Convening


One quarter. Twenty-five percent.

One in four homeless individuals in the United States is a woman. Yet women receive far less than their share of research, resources, or political advocacy.

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A New Look, A Renewed Commitment


We are thrilled to share the Downtown Women's Center's new look!

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No Place Like Home


There is no place quite like Bertha’s apartment.

She keeps her home incredibly tidy and neat and is proud to show it off to her guests. Her apartment is chock-full of small projects that help her keep her home organized and beautiful.

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A Volunteer Leader: Lisa Napoli


Lisa Napoli first started volunteering with DWC a few years ago when she was looking for an opportunity near her home in downtown Los Angeles.

“I went to [volunteer] training and loved the idea of gathering people to cook communally, since I love to make and share food.”

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Regaining Health & Hope


Vikki was homeless for nearly five years living behind an old library in Santa Monica.

“It was the safest place I could find in this situation.”

Diagnosed with schizophrenia and distanced from her relatives, she lived in a constant state of paranoia and fear, with little to no access to medical services.

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"I've come a long way, and I'm not stopping."


There was a time in Theresa’s life when she was homeless and accepted her lot in life.

She was going back and forth from jail, until she stood before a particular judge who let her know her lifestyle was going to land her in prison.

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A Veteran's Story


Laura describes her four years in the military as the hardest of her life, due to the constant sexual harassment that never abated.

“I would try not to sleep in the barracks. If I did need to rest, I would leave my boots on and have a knife with me.”

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Meet our Peer Leader: Francine


Francine is retired, but she’s not your average retiree.

Francine spent years struggling to make ends meet.  She was laid off from her cashier job at a fast food restaurant, and tried her hand at housekeeping work, and even newspaper delivery.

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5 Things We Learned from Lobbying in Sacramento

vikkiv2_-edited.jpgLast year, DWC participated in Corporation for Supportive Housing’s Lobby Day in Sacramento. Dozens of advocates from affordable housing agencies across California came together for a day of lobbying at the State Capitol for the CA Homes & Jobs Act.

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