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10 Years Later: A Farewell to Molly Moen

Molly Moen, COOAfter 10 years of working with us, our much-loved Chief Operating Officer Molly Moen is leaving the Downtown Women's Center. We gathered messages from a few of her many friends in our community to honor her incredible contributions over the years, and chatted with her about her time at the Center.

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A Change of Heart: A Volunteer's Story

At the Downtown Women's Center, we have over 5,000 volunteers who help end homelessness with us every year, and we know that each volunteer has a unique story making them part of our community. The following post was written by long-time DWC volunteer Iris Lee, who agreed to share what being part of the DWC family means to her.

Three years ago, I was looking for a place to donate some clothes after a spring-cleaning and a quick search on the web led me to the Downtown Women’s Center. I grabbed my bags and headed over in my car.

I had spent plenty of time in Downtown Los Angeles and was looking to move into the area, but I had so far avoided Skid Row, having heard negative rumors about the area. But once I stepped into the lobby of the Downtown Women’s Center, it was as if the air around me had changed. The Day Center was bright, spacious, and clean.

Day Center

Above: Walking into the Day Center, you might see anything from a meal being prepared in DWC's open kitchen, to a front desk manager assisting women with bus tokens, case management sign-ups, and more!

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Creating a Safe Space: Meet Amy Turk

Residence Photos

On any given day at the Downtown Women’s Center (DWC), women of all backgrounds and experiences fill the Day Center by the dozen. From the moment the doors open at 6 AM, staff members and participants alike mingle in the bustling community space, chatting and laughing with coffee in hand. And for DWC Chief Programs Officer Amy Turk, there’s only one way to start her day off right.

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An Announcement from DWC


The Downtown Women’s Center (DWC) Chief Executive Officer Sylvia Rosenberger has announced her resignation, effective August 14, 2015.

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MADE by DWC’s Splash into Summer Recap


An evening of shopping, art, and food also serves to showcase the beauty of the Downtown Women's Center community.

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1 Man, 240 Volunteer Hours

Jackson Huang

Jackson Huang has always been concerned about poverty and homelessness, and after completing his military service a few years ago, he decided he was going to do something about it.

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The Solution is Housing

An Open Letter from DWC

Gary Blasi and Phillip Mangano hit the nail on the head in their recent Los Angeles Times op-ed (Stop punishing and start helping LA's homeless). The solution to homelessness in the City of Los Angeles is housing, housing, housing.

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Health and Hope: Abigail's Story


Downtown Women’s Center participant Abigail Malecki will lead her own HIV/AIDS prevention class starting in August 2015.

Her peer-led class "Kissing Angels" empowers other women to learn about risk factors, treatment options, and empowerment strategies for HIV and AIDS. We sat down with Abigail to hear her story.

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Healing Through Housing

Teressa P.

It’s hard to imagine that there was ever a time in Teressa’s life when she wasn’t her happy, warm, and giving self. A resident of the Center since 2011, Teressa is known for her smiles, her community spirit, and her willingness to lend a hand whenever it is needed.

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June Advocacy Round-Up

Become an Advocate

Find out how you can join in our efforts by becoming an advocate for ending women's homelessness!

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