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1 Man, 240 Volunteer Hours

Jackson Huang

Jackson Huang has always been concerned about poverty and homelessness, and after completing his military service a few years ago, he decided he was going to do something about it.

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The Solution is Housing

An Open Letter from DWC

Gary Blasi and Phillip Mangano hit the nail on the head in their recent Los Angeles Times op-ed (Stop punishing and start helping LA's homeless). The solution to homelessness in the City of Los Angeles is housing, housing, housing.

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Health and Hope: Abigail's Story


Downtown Women’s Center participant Abigail Malecki will lead her own HIV/AIDS prevention class starting in August 2015.

Her peer-led class "Kissing Angels" empowers other women to learn about risk factors, treatment options, and empowerment strategies for HIV and AIDS. We sat down with Abigail to hear her story.

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Healing Through Housing

Teressa P.

It’s hard to imagine that there was ever a time in Teressa’s life when she wasn’t her happy, warm, and giving self. A resident of the Center since 2011, Teressa is known for her smiles, her community spirit, and her willingness to lend a hand whenever it is needed.

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June Advocacy Round-Up

Become an Advocate

Find out how you can join in our efforts by becoming an advocate for ending women's homelessness!

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From Snack Packs to fUNDERWEARaisers: The Bag Hags


Above left: Mary (center) poses with the DWC participants
Above right: The Bag Hags show off their handiwork after a Snack Pack-making party.

Mary leads a group of volunteers who call themselves the “Bag Hags.” The Bag Hags support the Downtown Women’s Center by volunteering monthly and holding an annual fundraiser. Through their fundraiser in 2014, they graciously provided DWC with a year’s supply of bras and underwear. We asked Mary to tell us a little more about the Bag Hags and their experience at DWC.

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1-in-4 Summer Regional Convening: A Social Justice Movement to End Women’s Homelessness

1-in-4 Summer Regional Convening

On Thursday, June 18, the Downtown Women’s Center hosted the second 1-in-4 Southern California Regional Convening.

Fueled by a passionate commitment to end homelessness among women and delicious eats from Good Shepherd Center’s The Village Kitchen, more than 30 individuals participated in an animated and inspiring conversation.

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Not Your Average Math Teacher: Jan Dyck

Jan Dyck

As a supporter and neighbor of the Downtown Women’s Center, Jan has found many ways to support the women of Skid Row, as a donor, volunteer and MADE by DWC customer - and most recently, as an advocate, by helping us to expand our reach through our monthly giving program.

We sat down with Jan to hear her story and what brought her to the Center.

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DWC Celebrates National Women's Health Week


This week (May 10-16) marks the 16th annual National Women's Health Week.

At the Downtown Women's Center, one of our goals is to empower women to make their health a top priority. Through our housing model that recognizes homelessness as a public health crisis, our wellness workshops, and health clinic services, we continue to provide a holistic health program for our community.

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Two DWC Mothers: Elvia & Dana


DWC Housing Manager Elvia Valdes (left) with resident Dana Harris

Mother’s Day is important at the Downtown Women’s Center.

For many women at DWC, Mother’s Day is not just a reminder of the families they love, but also their journeys to stable and empowered lives. Every year when May comes around, participants and staff alike reflect on what Mother’s Day means to them.

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